Time to be alive

Shannon Leto. Welcome to the Universe. 30 Seconds to Mars.

Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts about the future of the band? Will there be anymore albums or tours post 2016 when their tour ends?


Personally, I don’t really see them making a full blown album again. They are no longer under contract so everything post this album is up to them (even LLF+D seemed very forced to me, I don’t think they would have made it like that unless they had to).
I think they might keep making music, release singles or collaborations, but I think they all seem ready to move onto something past Mars. Shannon might go quiet,a Tomo might join another band, and I could see Jared just moving completely into business or maybe finally starting to direct properly.
Who knows though? I didn’t even think they would make LLF+D but they had to so…

30 Seconds to Mars performing ‘End Of All Days’ at the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 20 Aug 2014